stage to screen EVENT in sarasota, florida

With Academy Award-Winning screenwriter ALEXANDER DINELARIS at the Urbanite Theatre.

April 4, 2017

The crowd gathers outside the Urbanite Theatre in Sarasota, Florida

Guests mingle with artists during cocktail hour.

A full house!

Guest speaker Alex Dinelaris explains the Stage to Screen process.

The invite.

Alex Dinelaris takes questions from the Audience.

An Evening with Neil LaBute

September 15, 2016

Gia Crovatin (Actress/Producer) GOOD LUCK (IN FARSI)

Elizabeth Masucci (Actress/Producer) GOOD LUCK (IN FARSI)

Krysta Hibbard

Krysta Hibbard

Peter Tear, and Dominick Balletta

Jeffrey S. Gould, and Steven Hoffman

Post screening discussion with Neil LaBute, Victor Slezak, and J.J. Kandel

J.J. Kandel, Maria Mileaf, Victor Slezak, and Neil LaBute (Creative Team) THE MULBERRY BUSH

Jessica Cummings (Director) GOOD LUCK (IN FARSI)

Kim Brizzolara, and Toby Horn

J.J. Kandel discusses the Stage to Screen Initiative

Jeffrey S. Gould

Richard Leigh-Nilsen, J.J. Kandel, and Krysta Hibbard

Jeffrey S. Gould, and Rocco Andriola

Jeffrey S. Gould, and J.J. Kandel introduce the program

Neil LaBute, Elizabeth Masucci, Jessica Cummings, and Gia Crovatin discuss the upcoming Stage to Screen short GOOD LUCK (IN FARSI)

Birdman Benefit Evening


December 3, 2015

Richard I. Kandel

Kate Murray

Rocco Andriola, and Neil Burger

Jeffrey S. Gould, and Steven Hoffman

Lenore Conviser introduces Alexander Dinelaris and Nicolas Giácobone


Norman Gould, Jeffrey S. Gould, Lenore Conviser, and Jeanette Gould

Steve Hughes

Mark Grunwald, Nicola Riske, and Chani Grunwald

A full house!

Alexander Dinelaris discusses some his favorite moments from the film